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Afternoon Delight

The Frost is on the Pumpkin

Every morning I make my way to the hall window to see what the weather has in store for the day.  Admittedly, this is not the most accurate way to determine the weather, and it may be the reason why I often find I'm inappropriately dressed by noon, but today there was no mistaking the message mother nature was sending.  

A rather forlorn looking squirrel lay belly down, stretched out on a branch, soaking up the meager warmth of the sun.  Delicate, icy half-moons laced my neighbor's shingles and he was scraping his car windows, for the first of many times this season.   As my grandmother Crockett would say each fall, "The frost is on the pumpkin, for sure".    

In honor of all those pumpkins whose demise was hastened by last night's frost, I offer this photo salute. 

Drumlin pumpkins 102910
Just a few of the many decorating Drumlin Farm in Lincoln.  I like the restraint of the middle one.

Harding cat pumpkin 110110
The droop of the ear is priceless. 

These baby spooks make me want to pinch their cheeks.



Spitting wax pumpkin 102910
The serendipitous melting of the wax adds just the right touch of gore.

Big eye pumpkin 110110
This one appears to know it's destined for the compost heap. 

Speaking of which, I read this week that the decomposition of organic material in landfills creates methane, one of the greenhouse gasses (Composting for Dummies).  Why isn't this talked about more?  Actively encouraging citizens to compost seems like something rather easy for towns to do.  My town got a grant so it could offer compost bins to citizens for a tenth of what they normally cost.  I'm new to all this, so I can only assume there are roadblocks that I'm unaware of.  Otherwise, wouldn't there be PSA's and the like touting the benefits?  

OK, back to the pumpkins... 

Our 1st pumpkin 103107
Our pumpkin from several years back and Z's first time as master carver.


This year's masterpiece, slightly remodelled by a squirrel eager to help with the composting process.

Still plenty spooky, if you ask me. 

Could this be why we didn't get any trick or treaters?


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