A Blue Ribbon Walk
Beating the Heat

The Light'll Be On

Dusk, especially summer's dusk has always held magic for me.  Even our words for this time lost between day and night are beautiful: twilight, gloaming, owllight, le crepuscule (to the French). 

Bales 062811
Fresh hay, baked all day by the sun perfumes the air.

Haying Lincoln 2011

The air wraps softly around me, and the bats put on an incredible aeronautics show for free.

Bench lincoln 062811

Just sitting, watching the world shift from the white hot glare of noon, to cool darkness lit by a rising moon. Nothing to do but wait for firefly sightings.

Codman farm evening 062811

Crickets celebrate, Mourning Doves coo and somewhere a baseball game plays on a radio.  The opening line of a Robert Frost poem comes to mind, " I have been one acquainted with the night".  I choose to take it literally. 

Outdoor light 2011

The outdoor light's turned on, a reminder that someone at home is thinking of me. 

When I was a kid I was ambivalent about that light and what it represented.  I knew the house would feel stuffy and mundane after the night air: the joy I'd known outside, would dim.  But it was nice to be welcomed home too. 

All these years later, I still pause before crossing the threshold - tired, often thirsty, but not wanting to break the spell. 


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