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2012 - My Conservation Land Year

One of my very first posts on this blog explained that I had stopped making resolutions and had replaced them with a "wanna" list.  That little change in wording felt right, and it turns out that even without the force of a word like "resolution",  I did some of the things on the list.  I also lost interest in others and forgot about them.  And then there was one that started off strong and then went into hibernation.  It's time for that idea to wake up.  

Entrance sign

By the end of 2012 I will complete my plan to walk all 26 conservation areas in town that have trails.  The timing is fortuitous because the Lexington Conservation Stewards have completed a major effort to update all the trail maps.  These maps have been tested by volunteers and I'm eager to give them a try.  The old maps gave a general idea of where you were, but the print was so small and blurry that even if you used a magnifying glass it was illegible.   I'm hoping that these new maps will also make it much clearer where the entrances are to the trails; I've walked through more people's yards than I'd like to admit in search of a trail head.

Hidden trail

I know I work best with deadlines and To Do lists, so I've added a list of the Lexington Conservation Lands (with trails) in the side bar.  If you mouse over the list and a blog post title pops up, it's a place I've visited and written about.  Clicking on the name will bring you to that post.  I'm hoping that the list will be helpful for anyone who is local or visiting the area. 

Sun in trees Parker
When I realized that I'd originally made this resolution two years ago, I was a bit upset with myself.  So much for setting a goal and sticking to it, I thought.  And then I remembered a  quote my dad had at the bottom of his outgoing email for years; "Persistence prevails when all else fails".   

I may be slow, but I'm certainly persistent.




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