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Susan G. Komen Boston 3-Day

Of all the walks that take place each year to raise money, I suspect the Komen 3-Day to fight Breast Cancer may be the best known.  They do a terrific job getting out the message that walkers come away not only feeling good about helping raise money, but stronger emotionally and physically.  Their ads are ubiquitous.  

So I'm surprised that I had no idea this year's walk was going to go right down the main street of my town!  The night before, I walked into town for some frozen yogurt (we now have 3 sources of the stuff within a 2 block area; it's crazy) and saw big white signs with black arrows stapled to posts.  I was reading The Night Circus at the time.  The black and white color scheme with the mysterious nature of the signs made me hope, just for a heart beat, that someone had brought the circus to life.  A moment later I knew it was a ridiculous idea, but clearly something was up.  By the time I got home, I'd forgotten all about it.

The next day when I went to the post office, downtown was coated in pink.  There were balloons, banners, inflatable sticks (still a bit confused by those) and people dressed in every conceivable  shade.  It was a 4 year old girl's dream!

For such a big event, with so many people gathered on the side of the road to cheer and offer refreshments, I didn't see a single sign with the event name on it.  I finally asked this fellow, figuring he must be in the know.  

Komen supporter 072812
I wasn't going out on much of a limb with that assumption.  He explained it was the second day of the walk, and he was there to cheer on his 70+ year old wife!  He was far from alone.  There were people in lawn chairs, clearly planning to encourage every last straggler.  And the walkers looked excited.  This was near the end of their longest day, and they were smiling, clapping, wearing funny headdresses and sparkly beads.  It truly was an impressive sight to see so many people cheerfully exerting themselves to help others. 

So if you're ever out walking or driving and find yourself surrounded by pink - honk your horn, clap like you mean it, and smile as the best of human nature surrounds you. 

Komen car 072812




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