Thanksgiving for Critters
If you're local... Lexington Symphony Holiday Pops Concert

In which I am surprised

A couple days back, I was making one last stop at the library, to pick up just one more tome of Thanksgiving ideas, when I saw a Lincoln Land Conservation Trust calendar for sale. 

That's odd, I thought.  I didn't get an email. 

Could it be a straggler left over from 2012?  I realized the ridiculousness of that idea just an instant before I saw the number 2013 emblazoned on the front.  Without meaning to, I signed.  That was it.  I wasn't in it.  None of my photos had made the cut.  I willed myself not to remember just how many photos I'd submitted.  I felt hot at the thought of so many photos that just weren't good enough. 

Suddenly I wanted to see the photos that had beaten mine.  I flipped over the calendar to the thumbnail images on the back,

and smiled.  I opened the calendar, taking in each photo, the full pagers and the tiny insets.   I was smiling so hard I wanted to dance.  It was true, I don't have a single photo in the calendar this year.  I have two!  

Heading West 012111 T. Crockett
"Heading West" December's image

Blink 071112 T. Crockett
"Blink" an inset in the calendar

If you'd like to have a copy of your own and support local conservation efforts at the same time, they should be for sale soon through the LLCT website


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