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If you're local... Lexington Symphony Holiday Pops Concert

If you live in the Lexington area, you'll want to be in town this Friday night.  Lexington  starts off its holiday season with lighting the town tree, main street shopping (stores will actually be open past dark), carolers and the Lexington Symphony's Holiday Pops concert. 

 I attended their first Holiday Pops concert four years ago, and loved it.  The blustery walk from my house.  The sound of carolers serenading diners at Marios.  Main Street decked in balsam bunting, Christmas trees in barrels and thousands of tiny white lights.  Finally entering the warmth of Carey Hall, my toes warming up as the symphony does the same.  And then the music - the golden horns, the fairy harp, the percussionists with their bags of tricks, the violinists moving together like waves on the sea and the oboists surprising us all with the sounds they can pull from their Dr. Seuss instruments.  It's a wonder-filled event.   I wouldn't miss it.  In fact I haven't missed one yet.


The evening ends with a lively sing-a-long during which Santa has been known to make an appearance. It's a lovely, low-tech, heart warming evening that I wish everyone could experience.

Lexington symphony 120310

Here's the official description:

The Holiday Spirit Starts at Lexington Symphony's Holiday Pops!

Friday, November 30
4pm Kids Pops! 45 min.
8pm Evening Pops!  1.5 hr.
Cary Hall, 1605 Mass. Ave., Lexington
Maestro Jonathan McPhee conducts

Tickets are still available at or in town at The Crafty Yankee.  While you're there to pick up tickets, don't forget to choose a name of a family or senior in need from their giving tree.   

No matter where you live, remember concerts are a great chance to work on your holiday crafting.  Not that I'd know anything about that...

Scarf in progress Dec2011




In which I am surprised

A couple days back, I was making one last stop at the library, to pick up just one more tome of Thanksgiving ideas, when I saw a Lincoln Land Conservation Trust calendar for sale. 

That's odd, I thought.  I didn't get an email. 

Could it be a straggler left over from 2012?  I realized the ridiculousness of that idea just an instant before I saw the number 2013 emblazoned on the front.  Without meaning to, I signed.  That was it.  I wasn't in it.  None of my photos had made the cut.  I willed myself not to remember just how many photos I'd submitted.  I felt hot at the thought of so many photos that just weren't good enough. 

Suddenly I wanted to see the photos that had beaten mine.  I flipped over the calendar to the thumbnail images on the back,

and smiled.  I opened the calendar, taking in each photo, the full pagers and the tiny insets.   I was smiling so hard I wanted to dance.  It was true, I don't have a single photo in the calendar this year.  I have two!  

Heading West 012111 T. Crockett
"Heading West" December's image

Blink 071112 T. Crockett
"Blink" an inset in the calendar

If you'd like to have a copy of your own and support local conservation efforts at the same time, they should be for sale soon through the LLCT website

Thanksgiving for Critters

I got home from Thanksgiving dinner, to find that I'd inadvertantly provided a feast for the local critters. 

Critter Thanksgiving 112212
I can't blame them; if the resulting pies are anything to go by, those peels, cores and ends must have been mighty tasty. 

But just as with human Thanksgiving, after the feasting comes the cleaning.  Time to block the hole with some old window screen material. 

However you spent your day of Thanksgiving, I hope it made you smile. 

No Excuses for Not Voting

A while back I received an impassioned email on the subject of voting, from the most unlikely of sources, my dad.  I say unlikely because aside from occassional comments on a specific law, I've never heard him discuss politics.  I have no idea who he'll vote for tomorrow, and he'd be the first to say that's just fine.  But I know he'll be at the polling station, before the sun rises over the desert and long after it has set, to see that everyone who wants to vote is able. 

Thanks Dad for letting me share your insider's perspective.


I'm not a political activist and don't usually talk politics or religion with anyone.  Mom said it was better not to.  I do have my views and think everyone should either vote or shut up.  On that note, the primary vote is in.  The cast of players for November has been chosen.  I am a volunteer poll worker, one of those people you see helping when you go to the polls to vote.  I have volunteered for several years as a trained poll worker.  It makes for a long day at the poll on election day but it is interesting - actually fun in some respects and very satisfying.  Knowing I have helped the process work a little easier for those that come out and vote, makes me feel good. 
Hopefully a poll worker, such as myself, will see you casting your ballot in November.  Speak up or shut up.  If you don't care, do nothing, but DON'T bitch when things don't suit you later on.  To earn the right to bitch you have to vote.  The polls will be busy (long lines hopefully) NO EXCUSES for NOT voting! 
  • Handicapped?  NO EXCUSE.  Handicapped voting assistance is readily available.  Just ask a poll worker.   
  • Have a sight disability =  NO EXCUSE!  We have a computer you can listen to for making selections.  It gives voice commands and is user friendly.  
  • Can't read?  NO EXCUSE  Two poll workers (of different party affiliations) can assist or you can use the computer with the audio assist.  
  • Is walking into the poll area your disability issue?  Use curbside voting.  Just get someone to ask a poll worker to come out to your car and assist you.  
There are NO EXCUSES for not voting in November.  It just takes a little initiative. 
Do a little homework and be prepared, especially on key issues.  Remember; You can "under vote" (you don't have to vote for every issue or candidate - just leave those blocks blank if you have no preference) but you can't "over vote" (if it says to pick two out of a choice of say, four candidates - just pick 2 and no more).  All choices accurately marked will be counted.  Don't panic if you make a mistake on a official ballot.  You do get to do a "do over".  Just request a new ballot and present your old ballot to be spoiled.
The key thing is to vote and be heard in November!  - Earn your right to bitch!


On a related subject, Jeff Greenfield a political anaylst has an interesting article titled My Plea to the Undecided: Stay Home!

Elizabeth Warren campaign 050512