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David Brown Walk through Estabrook Woods - Part 2

David Brown Talk - Discovering Wildlife in your Backyard

On a bitterly cold, freeze the breath in your lungs sort of evening in January, at least 100 people squeezed into a conference room to hear tracker David Brown give a talk titled "The Forest is More than Trees: Using Animal Tracking Techniques to Discover Hidden Life in Suburban Woodlands".  The talk was sponsored by the Concord Land Conservation Trust.

Foot prints 2001
The ubiquitous gray squirrel

Looking around at his red nosed, wool and polar-fleece ensconced audience, Brown joked "You folks must have a serious case of cabin fever!"  He then went on to share stories from his career tracking the wildlife of New England, complete with photos, many taken not far from where we sat.  It was late in the evening, after a full day of work, but the time passed all too quickly.  Before we left, Brown invited us to sign up to go on a walk with him, sponsored again by the CLCT.  I couldn't believe my luck.  I'd joined the organization in order to get a copy of their trail maps, and now I was learning to read tracks, tree markings and scat.  And the amazing thing was that unlike when I was 7, reading Ranger Rick and dreaming about doing these things, now I was surrounded by people interested in the same things.  In fact, so many people signed up, that decided to have multiple walks, each with over 20 people attending. 

I hope you'll come back tomorrow to see what we discovered on the walk.

  Tracks 011511



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