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Project Bread Walk for Hunger May 5th

A New Day in Boston

A week has passed since bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon. 

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So much has been said and written about the events of that day and the days that followed.

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So much compassion, misery, determination and bravery has been shared.

Marsh chapel BU 040713

What can I add to the discussion?

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I can tell you about people in Boston who know violence, who know it first hand, and have refused to let it break them.  I can tell you about people who during this troubled week have reached out to the suffering with acupuncture and counseling.

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I can introduce you to the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute which aims to "transform pain and anger to power and action."  The Peace Institute works every day, here in Boston, with people whose lives have been changed by homicide.

Park bench 040713
The Peace Institute works in communities, in schools, in the halls of the statehouse to change attitudes, to teach new skills, to simply stated, stop the violence.

Framed statehouse 040713

 On Sunday, May 12th the Peace Institute will hold its annual Mother's Walk for Peace in Dorchester.  This event is a chance to stand with those who have lost loved ones through violence and send a message to our politicians and community leaders that we need to work together to achieve peace.

You can sign up for the walk or make a donation to the Peace Institute at http://www.ldbpeaceinstitute.org/index.html



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