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Thanks to a slow two day storm, our world is once again covered in white fluffy wonder, rather than the icy glaze we had Christmas week.  When I looked outside this morning I saw wild turkeys roosting on the wall separating my yard from my neighbor's, not to mention high on theneighbor's pergola and even their porch railing.  My neighbor's yard is bird heaven, with a dozen or so feeders which I imagine as the bird equivalent of Vegas' all-you-can-eat buffets.  These prehistoric looking behemoths may have had their fill for now, but they're not dumb.  They plan to stick close to the food, not go trudging through the deep snow wasting calories.  Which somehow made me realize, it's perfect weather for snowshoeing.

Turkey closeup 122113 Turkeys and wall 122113

The only thing is, and I hope I haven't talked about this here before, is that snowshoeing requires a  bit more thought than just taking a walk.  You need a place where there will be enough open space or trails that you can explore for a while.  If I'm walking and the conservation land I chose to visit  ends up being just a five minute detour, that's fine; I can keep walking on the sidewalk.  Not so with snowshoeing.  Take a look at this map of Lexington's conservation land to see just how variable these in size these saved areas can be.

  Turkies 021013

There are three local conservation areas that immediately pop to mind as good snowshoeing spots: Willard's Woods and Meagherville in Lexington, and Great Brook Farm in Carlisle.  I've written about snowshoeing in Willard's Woods at least once here before.  And though the other two haven't made their way to posts yet, I have been to both many times.  I'm in the mood to explore.

There is a conservation area in Lincoln that I've been meaning to visit.  It starts out with a field and looks like it stretches into woodland.  Of course, there is always the question of whether or not the parking lot will have been plowed.  Maybe it's worth a drive over. 

I'll let you know.

Snowy birdhouse 021013



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