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The house where I live has a cellar that for years I wouldn't enter after dark.  Its walls are made of giant stones, held together with crumbling mortar.  The roof makes me feel like I'm standing under a tree, truly under it, under the ground, under its trunk.  So above my head the roof/roots are a tangle of pipes, cords and cobwebs, signs of all the changes its gone through in its 150+ years.  But for all that, it is dry and has the much touted benefits of a cellar: cool in the summer, cool in the winter.  Which brings me to why I'm taking you on this tour of my home's underbelly.  This last week I went down to do the laundry and the detergent was nearly frozen.  Not chunks of ice, but thick and sluggish like refrigerated maple syrup.  If my usually temperate cellar had gotten that cold, then outside must really be cold.

I expect winter to be cold, and snowy, and gray.  That's winter.  But when parts of the country are getting blasted by weeks of sub zero temperatures, it can mess with your sense of what does and what doesn't count as cold.  Is 14 cold?  My fingers and nose say yes, but maybe I'm just being lazy when I see 14 degrees and decide not to go for a walk.  5 degrees?  Yes, there's no reason to expose yourself if you don't need to, but 18?  The other day 20 with sunshine felt balmy.  All of these thoughts are going through my mind as I look over my activity for the month of January.

Distance walked (when I remembered to wear pedometer) 12.66 miles

Time spent exercising (walking, yoga, shoveling, yard work) 11 hours and 15 minutes 

I started the month strong and then slipped into curling up under blankets instead.  The nearly frozen detergent tells me undeniably that yes, it has been cold, but could I have fit in more exercise?  Oh yes.  A fellow I was talking to at Starbucks the other day said he and his wife have moved their morning walk indoors to the mall for the winter.  "It's always open, but they're happier to see you after 6" he explained.  I may just have to take advantage of that next month. 

11 hours and 15 minutes = 675 minutes of activity

Divide 675 by 31 and you get 21 minutes per day.  Hmmmm

(I'm imagining pressing the mute button on the critiquing voices in my head)

21 minutes of activity per day.  Well, it's a start.

Time to start filling up February's calendar.


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Congrats on 21 minutes a day!

My therapist encourages me to collect information without judging. Boy, is it challenging — but easier with practice. =)

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