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About Time

A year ago?

Really?  I've had "finish first post" on my To Do list for a year?  

Yup.  February 20th, 2016,  I picked a name and general design for this blog.  I remember feeling like my partner Alex and I had lived with rabbits long enough that we had some experience to share.  We'd gone through  rabbit proofing, sorted through contradictory information about diet, figured out where to get a rabbit (not as straight forward as we'd expected) and gone through the process of bonding rabbits.  

Information about some of these experiences was readily available in books and on websites devoted to basic rabbit care, but again and again we had found nothing when trying to get answers to questions about cohabitating with rabbits (beyond the importance of bunny proofing).  So I set up the blog.  

Last month, when Fergus became ill, Alex and I scoured the internet looking for information on rabbit life expectancy, treatment prognoses for congestive heart failure and how rabbits react to the death of a partner.  Our vet was able to answer the medical questions, but we wished we had more information about what to expect from our surviving rabbit, Lady.  

I remembered this empty shell of a blog and decided it was about time I start writing.

Welcome to Bunny Logic.