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September 2019

Perspective is the Thing

Why do my bunnies prefer to lounge on flat, hard surfaces and in their dirty litter boxes to cozy cushions and blankets?

Why does Bella not realize that if she hears our voices approaching, that means our bodies are approaching too?  I'd love to be able to tell her in a way she'd understand, "Really Bella, there's no reason for our appearance to be such a shock."

And tonight's question, why will Lady try to chew through the metal bars of her ex-pen to reach her treat ball, rather than looking for another, easier way to get it?


It was funny, but I also felt a little bad for Lady. She was working so hard for a goal she wasn't going to achieve.  I swung a wall of her pen 180 degrees so she could see the gate (and this part is important, I think) in front of her.  



Sweet success!  And a reminder that where you focus your energy matters.