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Easter - Starting Over

I know January 1st is generally seen as a chance to hit the reset button on life,  but last night standing in the darkened church of the Easter Vigil service, hearing story after story of love, grace and second chances, I saw the holiday in a new light.  Instead of seeing it on the usual grand scale either of miraculous events thousands of years ago, or the celebration of new life unfolding around us, I saw in it a reminder that each of us can start over, at any time. 

And so today is the perfect day to announce the new life of this long hibernating blog.  The blog began as a way to write about walking and exploration.  It still is, but I've realized those words refer to much more than the physical act of putting one foot in front of another and looking around.  Each day can be an exploration of what life has to offer.  With each new path I encounter, I can take a few steps down it, decide if it's where I want to be, and if not turn back, all the richer for the trying.  This means the content of these pages will be a bit more varied, but the updates will be more frequent and the themes of slowing down, taking a closer look and and finding joy in the exploration will remain.

And now before you go, here's a glimpse of how people in my corner of New England have been getting ready for Easter. 

Easter dec 040712

Did you see that cute rabbit sculpture?

Rabbit steps 040712

Blossom on tree poor farm 040612
Cafe setting Lexington 040412
Fuzzy bunny door 040412
Don't these steps look like they have Easter eggs on them?
Easter egg steps 040612
Golden bunny 040412
Sparrow blossoms 040612
Easter porch mass ave 040712

On Being has a great interview that weaves together Easter and gardening.  You can catch it today on your local NPR station, or stream it from their website.




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