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Never Too Late to Relearn

I'll be turning 39 in a week and there are certain things I thought that I knew by now.  In fact, if asked about them I would have laughed then looked around for the hidden camera.  Of course, since I used the past tense "thought I knew", you know what's coming, right?

First - How old am I?  Oooh yes.  I got this one wrong twice in the last week.  And both times I said I was older than I am.  I have no explanation other than last year about this time I thought I was turning 40, which I wasn't that year either.  On the up side, by the time I am turning 40 it will feel old hat.

Second - How to make paper snowflakes.  I told you these were things that I thought I had down pat.  I did know the basics; you fold a piece of paper then make cuts along the folds.  What I didn't remember (or maybe never knew) is that you get more recognizably snowflake shapes if you fold the paper a particular way.  If you are now doubting your own paper snowflake making skills, I recommend the tutorial at 

Third - How to tie shoes.  OK,  I'm oversimplifying a bit.  I was looking through the TED talks website and found a really short talk on how to tie shoes.  I thought it must be a joke, but the speaker actually had a minor change to the bow making process that made it slip proof.  This is especially helpful for shoes with round laces.  My walking boots (which I've switched to since the weather dipped below freezing) have round laces and used to drive me a bit crazy since it took knots on top of the bow to hold them tight.  I would be exaggerating if I said this new bow technique has changed my life, but it does make me smile each time I use it. 


Now to go learn something I know I don't know, like how to make english muffins from scratch.


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