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Something beautiful happened this morning. When I looked out the window to get my weather forecast, I noticed that our garbage and recycling bins were empty and stacked neatly by the road; just as I would expect them to be every Friday morning. But this isn't a normal Friday. For me today marks two weeks since the last day my workplace was open, and for some the isolation/quarantine has been longer. This is life in the time of COVID 19, so the fact that my garage is not filling up with garbage is beautiful because it is mundane. It is a precious snippet of normal life, of systems working as expected.

I decided to jot a quick thank you note to the company that removes our household's waste. 

Then I thought about our mail carrier, who still smiles and gives a wave (now in a smurf-blue glove) as they deliver the mail.

And the grocery store employees who are working triple as hard while dealing with an anxious, short-tempered community of shoppers. They have fallen into a hole where every day is some ugly combination of the day before a blizzard and the day before Thanksgiving, all while knowing each customer may be carrying the virus.

I'm writing to them all so they know their commitment and hard work are seen and appreciated. I'll get addresses off the internet, pop on a stamp and drop them in the mail.

I love getting mail that isn't an ad or a bill, doesn't everyone?

Writing postcards




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Kate Malin

I loved getting your note last week! Miss you dear one.

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